Apparel & Textiles:

Staff Profile:

ANNE SHARADA DEVI M. Sc. (Textiles & Clothing) Ph. D. (Textiles & Clothing)
ALAPATI PADMA M. Sc. (Textiles & Clothing) Ph. D. (Textiles & Clothing)
DASARI ANITHA M. Sc. (Textiles & Clothing)


The department of Apparel & Textiles aims at providing qualitative education to address the needs of the consumers, weavers, apparel and textile industries, entrepreneurs, academic Institutions and fashion goers in relation to production, distribution and consumption of textiles and apparels.


The laboratories are equipped with latest and sophisticated machinery and instruments to provide outstanding hands on experience to the students. The main laboratories are

  • Garment Construction and Finishing lab
  • Draping lab
  • Computer Aided Designing lab
  • Weaving & Knitting lab
  • Laundry lab
  • Dyeing & Printing lab
  • Textile Quality testing lab
  • Textile Chemistry lab

Undergraduate Programme:

The professional elective offered by the department is the Apparel Production Management which aims at developing students as professionals required for garment industries. Highly interactive and problem solving approach is being adopted for providing instructions to the students.

  • The areas in which qualitative inputs provided includes:
  • Basic and Advanced Apparel Production Techniques
  • Knowledge of Traditional Costumes and Textiles
  • Computer Aided Apparel & Textile Designing
  • Dyeing & Printing
  • Retaining and Merchandising
  • Participation in Fashion Show
  • Internship in Apparel Industry

Career Opportunities

  • Designers in Apparel Industries
  • Incharge of Sample making departments in Apparel Industries
  • CAD Professionals
  • Free-lancer Apparel Designers
  • Entrepreneurs

UG Diploma in Computer Aided Fashion Technology

Due to globalisation of the trade, there is sudden boom In the field of fashion technology, which has created competition. There is trend for designer wear and the fashion industries are on the look out for new designers who can create an array of exclusive designs. Garment industries that produce fashion apparel are also equipping with latest technology for fast production to meet the changing fashion scenario. Hence Computer Aided Designing has a pivot role in meeting the personnel needs of the industry.
The areas covered under the diploma are:

  • Skills in Clothing Construction
  • Computer Aided Apparel Designing
  • Fashion Technology
  • Draping Techniques
  • Dyeing & Printing
  • Textile Science
  • Marketing and Retailing of Apparels

Career opportunities:

  • Assistant Designers in Apparel Industries
  • Free-lancer Apparel Designers
  • CAD operators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Production Supervisors in Apparel Industries

Post Graduate Programme:

M.Sc Apparel & Textiles

The Post graduate programme in Apparel & Textiles is offered to students who opt for executive careers in Apparel and Textile fields. The inputs provided by the department under post-graduation includes

  • Advanced Fashion Apparel Designing and Merchandising
  • Textile Designing
  • Computer Aided Apparel & Textile Designing
  • Fibre chemistry
  • Dyeing and Printing
  • Textile & Apparel Quality Analysis
  • Apparel Enterprise Development and Management
  • Seminars and Projects

To showcase the talents of the students in the areas of textiles & clothing, the students are given an excellent opportunity to participate in a fashion / design show. One semester Research in Apparel & Textiles field and presentation of dissertation is required for fulfillment of this post-graduate programme.

Graduate's Apparel Design Show
is organised by the undergraduate and Postgraduate students to display the apparel designs developed by them using the designing skills acquired. The event helps to develop the student's confidence in their creative ability designing skills and it also gives by them an opportunity to prove their credentials as future designers and personnel required for the industry with a professional approach. The first fashion show VIRINCHI-2004 opened gateways to many of the students in various organisations.

APCO (Andhra Pradesh Weaver's Co-operative Society) has absorbed The students as designers for their organizations and decided to sponsor fabrics for the future fashion shows. One Italian based Multi National Company also has provided employment opportunities to students in different departments of their company.

Career Opportunities

  • Production managers in Apparel Industries
  • Quality Control Inspectors
  • Free-lancer Apparel and Textile Designers
  • CAD Professionals
  • Academic Professionals
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Marketing or Merchandising Executives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Dyeing and Printing Consultants
  • Areas of Post graduate research
  • Value addition
  • Technology generation
  • Functional garments
  • Consumer oriented issues
  • Contemporising traditional arts
  • Status studies-Status studies on various handlooms, gender issues in Enterprise, fashion etc.

Certificate courses Offered:

To cater to the needs of housewives and school drop outs both in rural and urban areas few certificate courses that have self employment potential have being offered.

Course Duration
Tie & Dye & Block Printing 15 Days
Fabric painting & Embroidery 10 Days
Tie & Dye & Batik 10 Days
Computer Aided Designing 15 Days

Consultancy Services

Consultancy services are extended to Designers, Dyeing and printing units, DWACRA groups, Boutiques, Academic institutes such as Sri Venkateswara University, Board of Technical Education, Board of Intermediate Education, Fashion schools etc., Retailing stores, farmers, NGOs etc.


Linkages are established with Textile Research Institutes such as SITRA, CIRCOT, IJIRA etc., Readymade Garment Units in around Andhra Pradesh, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Weaver's Service Centre, Textile Committee, Apparel Training and Design Centre, Apparel Export Promotion Council, Jute Development Corporation, Government Line departments etc.

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Creating apparel designing by draping
Sample weaving
Students at RHWEP
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Value addition to Traditional Textiles
Using jig dyer for dyeing fabric
Virinchi 2004 fashion show


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