S. No.

Zone/Research Station





Regional Agricultural Research Station,
Lam - 522 034
Phone: 0863-2524017

Development of sustainable, profitable technologies and Integrated cropping/farming systems for rainfed /I.D conditions in pulses, cotton, millets & oil seeds.
Extending of weather based agro advisory services, working out of viable effective price forecasting for major crops.



Agricultural Research Station, Agricultural College Campus, Bapatla-522101                 Phone: 08643-225901

Development of improved long duration rice varieties with good grain quality and sustainable agro-techniques suitable for black soils of Krishna Western Delta and NSP area.



Post Harvest  Technology Centre, Agricultural College Campus, Bapatla-522101                 
Phone: 08643-225180

Design, fabrication, evaluation of Post-Harvest equipments for reducing the crop losses and enhancing value addition. Research on Bio-chemical quality factors in storage and impact of abiotic and biotic factors on storage of food grains and control methods of storage pests.

  • Demonstration & popularization of post harvest related equipment/technologies.


Saline Water Scheme, Agricultural College Campus, Bapatla-522101                 
Phone: 08643-225098

Research on Water quality, soil survey and monitoring of benchmark sites and reclamation and fertility management of problematic soils

  • Testing and identification of crops/varieties suitable for problematic soils.


AICRP on Farm Implements & Machinery, College of Agricultural Engineering Campus, Bapatla – 522 101                


Farm Machinery





Agricultural Research Station,
Amaravati - 522 020,
Phone: 08645-213345

Research, Production and Quality control of Rhizobium and Azotobacter etc.

Research and mass production of Biofertilizers and associated protocols

  • Testing efficacy of biofertilizers on mandatory crops of the zone



Agricultural Research Station,
522 415,                        Phone: 08649-213108

Development of high yielding rice varieties with good grain quality and resistance to pest & diseases suitable to NSP right canal area.
Production of Breeder and foundation seed of different varieties of rice.

  • Identification of HYVs in Greengram, Blackgram, Bengalgram and Redgram suitable for the tract.



Agricultural Research Station,
Vuyyur - 522 165
Phone: 08676-233236

Development of sugarcane varieties possessing high cane yield potential and sugar content coupled with tolerance / resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and viable agro techniques suitable for Krishna – Godavari zone.

  • Identification of suitable rice varieties for Kharif and blackgram varieties for rice fallow situation.



Agricultural Research Station,
Machilipatnam-521 002
Phone: 08672-223266

Development of medium duration, salt tolerant / resistant rice varieties suitable to coastal ecosystem and management strategies for improving productivity in salt affected areas.

  • Testing and identification of suitable blackgram varieties for salt affected areas.



Agricultural Research Station,                    Garikapadu - 521 175
Phone: 08654-288245

Research on water management of different crops grown under NSP left canal command area.

  • Testing and identification of suitable rice, pulses and soybean varieties for the tract.
  • Transfer of proven technologies through field demonstrations in farmers fields. 



Agricultural Research Station,                      Ghantasala - 521 133
Phone: 08671-203160

Development and identification of high yielding blackgram and greengram varieties suitable for rice fallows (Rabi) and production and protection technologies for improving productivity.

  • Identification of suitable mustard and maize varieties (zero tillage) and production technologies under rice fallows.



Agricultural Research Station, Darsi - 523 247
Phone: 08407-253248

Development of economically viable and efficient cropping system models, Agro-forestry system, watershed management technologies suitable for NSP right canal area for enhancing the productivity of rainfed crops.

  • Identification of alternative crops to Tobacco.

Introduction of drought tolerant oil- seed crops viz; safflower and castor

  • Screening of cowpea and horsegram varieties for their adaptability.
  • Introduction of millets in kharif season preceding to rabi bengalgram
  • Organic enrichment to improve the physical properties of the soil.
  • Testing & identification of greengram, blackgram, redgram varieties suitable for the tract.