Crop improvement

  • The lead activity
  • Development of HYVs suitable for different situations.
  • Evaluation of Crop Varieties tolerant to biotic & abiotic stresses.
  • Development of improved varieties with desired quality traits.

Conventional breeding

  • Cereals& Millets
  • Pulses
  • Oil seeds
  • Commercial Crops

Crop Management Practices

  • Location Specific Low Cost Technologies
  • Integrated Nutrient Management
  • Integrated Weed Management
  • Water Management
  • Agro-techniques for sustaining productivity under rainfed areas

Pest & Disease Management

  • Integrated Insect Pest Management
  • Integrated Disease Management
  • Forecast & Forewarning System

Discipline Oriented Research

Dryland Agriculture

Cropping Systems

Crop Diversification

Farming Systems

Saline Water Management

Soil Testing and Soil Health cards

Seed Technology




Biological Control

Vertebrate Pest Management



Natural Resource Management

Pesticide Residues

Agricultural Implements

Post Harvest Technology and Value Addition

Agro Economic Research

Market Intelligence

Agricultural Statistics

Seed Production for 100% Seed Replacement Rate