• Development of IPM strategies for management of pests in cotton, rice, coconut, castor, redgram and sugarcane.
  • Stem application with monocrotophos/imidacloprid in cotton alone is estimated to account for a saving of Rs.80 crores per year in the state.
  • Release of Gallmidge and BPH resistant varieties remained as land marks in the rice research of the University.
  • Development of variety resistant to blast in rice, powdery mildew in black gram, whitefly in cotton, red rot in sugarcane and rust in safflower.
  • Developed and recommended plant protection schedules for important pests and diseases.
  • Development of root feeding technique for the control of black headed caterpillar and red palm weevil.
  • Development of IPM strategies for damping off in nurseries of tomato, Sclerotial wilt of chillies, dry root rot of mungbean, Fusarium wilt of safflower and dry root rot of sesame.