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The Alumni Agricultural Graduates Trust for College Development at Agricultural College, Bapatla

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BTU, SRTC, ARI, ANGRAU, Guntur - 522509, A.P.
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1. AICRP on Pulses, RARS, Lam
2. AICRP on Cotton, RARS, Lam
3. AICRP on Vegetable improvement project, RARS, Lam
4. AICRP on Spices, RARS, Lam
5. AICRP on Soybean, RARS, Lam
6. Vegetable breeder seed production in Chilies, Lam
7. AICRIP on Cropping Systems Research (ECF), Lam
8. AICRP on Cashew nut at Bapatla
9. Frontline demonstration of Improved agricultural machinery for major pulse crops, Lam.
10. Coordinated Research Project on Betel vine research, Chintalapudi
11. AICRP on Post harvest technology, Bapatla
12. AICRP on Biological nitrogen fixation, Amravati resistance to drought and biotech stresses, Lam
13. MM 1.2 Development of tetraploid cotton cultivars with high fibre quality and resistance to drought and biotech stresses, Lam
14. MM 1.3 Genetic diversity through introgression of useful genes, Lam
15. MM 1.5 Maintenance breeding, seep production and marker based purity evaluation, Lam
16. MM 2.1 Integrated Nutrient Management for high quality fiber production, Lam
17. MM 2.2 Integrated Water Management systems for quality fiber production, Palme
18. MM 3.1 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at village level for cost effective production, Lam
19. AICRP on Pulses (Chickpea), Lam
20. AICRP on Palm, Ambajipet
21. AICRP on Oil palm, Vijayarai
22. AICRP on Rice, Maruteru
23. AICRP on Cropping System Research (MAE), Maruteru
24. AICRP on Rodent Control, Maruteru
25. AICRP on Pulses, Lam (Pigeon pea)
26. AICRP on Pulses, Lam (Chickpea)
27. AICRP ON Tropical fruits on banana, Kovvur (including sapota research at V.R. Guide)
28. AICRP on Honey bee research, Vijayarai
29. ICAR Ad hoc scheme on Development of bud rot disease forecasting model for palms in A.P., Ambajipet
30. Development of tetraploid cotton cultivars with fibre quality & resistance of drought and bio-tech stress, Lam
31. Bio inoculants for sustainable and cost effective production of high quality fiber, Lam


32. AICRP on Sugarcane, Anakapalle
33. AICRP on Processing, handling and storage of jiggery and khandasari, Anakapalle
34. AICRP on Oilseeds, Sub-centre for Sesame, Yellamanchili
35. AICRP on Small millets, Vizianagaram
36. AICRP on Jute and Allied Fibers, Amadalavalasa
37. Cropping System Research, Anakapalle


38. AICRP on Tropical Fruits, Tirupati
39. Front line demonstrations on Pulses, Tirupati


40. AICRP on Arid Zone Fruits, Ananthapur
41. AICRP on Millet improvement project, Ananthapur
42. AICRP on Agro-meteorological research centre, Ananthapur
43. AICRP on Dryland Agriculture, Ananthapur
44. New operational research under CRIDA, Anantapur
45. AICRP on Improvement of Small Millets, Nandyal
46. AICRP on Oilseeds, Sub-centre on Sunflower, Nandyal
47. AICRP on Cotton, Sub-centre, Nandyal

V. High Altitude Zone

48. AICRP on Pepper Chintapalle
49. AICRP on Palm (Palmyrah), Pandirimamidi
50. Ad hoc Scheme on Network project on Tribal crops of A.P., Chintapalle
51. Exploration, collection, evaluation, conservation and documentation of plant diversity of agricultural importance in the high altitude zone along Eastern Ghats of A.P.