Extension Education:

Staff Profile:

B. JAMUNA RANI M. Sc. (HSc) (Extn) Ph. D. (Extn)
A. MARY SWARNALATHA M.Sc. (H.Sc-Extn) Ph.D.(Extn)
R.NEELA RANI M. Sc. (Extn) P. G. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
GEETHA REDDY RAMALA M. Sc. (H. Sc. Extn.) M. Phil. (H. Sc. Extn.) Ph.D. (H. Sc.)., PG. Dip. in Stat
M. PRASUNA M. Sc. (Extn) Ph. D. (Extn)
M. S. CHAITANYA KUMARI Ph. D. (H. Sc.- Extn)


The Mandate:

The faculty of Home Science believes in dissemination of the technologies developed to the farm families through effective extension programmes. As the mandate of the faculty under the Agricultural University setup is to cater to the needs of the rural community and thereby improve the quality of life, the faculty has undertaken extension services with the objectives outlined below:

  • Assessment and refinement of technologies developed for their economic viability through on farm and non-farm research
  • Training farm women, farmers and school dropouts in the latest techniques/skills in the field of Home science and organizing periodic research-farmer-extension interactions
  • Organizing diagnostic surveys and suggesting remedial measures
  • Processing and dissemination of production technologies related to various disciplines of Home science through mass media like press, radio, television, news letters, publications etc. as well as through other extension activities.

The on-farm and non-farm extension activities adopted by the faculty includes

  • Awareness programmes
  • Technology assessment programmes
  • Transfer of technologies
  • Interactive sessions
  • Training programmes conducted for the village women, adolescents and school dropouts

Motivation and Awareness Programme

  • Role of various foods and nutrients in the health management
  • Food groups, balanced diets and RDAs for different age groups
  • Nutritional deficiency diseases prevention and control
  • Diet and nutrition during diseases
  • Food fortification and nutrition intervention programmes
  • Personal hygiene and environmental sanitation
  • Consumer education and Resource management for farm families
  • Sanitation Improvement
  • Fuel Energy Management
  • Selection and care of textiles
  • Quality child care
  • Identification of developmental delay and children with special needs
  • Gender sensitization and Women Empowerment
  • Rural Health, Sanitation and Environmental hygiene
  • Rural Development Programmes etc

The aim of the department is to develop the capacity of women & adolescent girls to be self reliant and productive members of the society and help them to utilize the resources available, in solving problems and in meeting changing demands.


The department possesses well equipped laboratories to enable the students acquire professionalism.

  • Video Editing Lab
  • Audio-visual Lab

Undergraduate Programme:

The UG students who opt for extension education for specialisation will be offered journalism and mass communication as professional elective course.

Broad areas of academic programme include

  • Extension education and rural development.
  • Communication and Instructional technology
  • Programme development for rural families
  • Diffusion and adoption of Homestead technologies
  • Mass Communication and Journalism
  • Creative writing
  • Report writing
  • Print, electronic and photo journalism
  • Photography and video technology
  • Public relations
  • Social marketing
  • Public speaking
  • Computer application in mass communication
  • Mass communication in advertising
  • Special projects and internship
ext1.jpg ext2.jpg
Training of students in operatingVideo Camera under the course Videography
Students Demonstration in the field under RHWE Programme


Career Opportunities

  • Journalist, Reporter, Editors, Feature writers,
  • Columnist, Photo Journalist, Translators, Free lance journalism
  • Advertising- Accounts executive, Market Research, Media
  • Executive, Copy writers, Script writers, Visualizers
  • Free lancing
  • Officers in the development departments such as women and child welfare, Social welfare, Tribal welfare DRDA and Voluntary organizations etc.

Certificate courses Offered:

The following certificate courses are offered to both urban and rural people who are interested to take up assignments related with rural development.

Course Duration
Basics of Field Functioning 1 Week
Techniques of Public Speaking 1 Week


Linkages are established with

  • Ambedkar open university, Hyderabad
  • National Academy for Agrl. Research Management (NAARM)
  • National institute for Agriculture and Extension Management (MANAGE)
  • National Institute of Rural Development(NIRD)
  • Dept of Mass Communications, Sarojini Naidu college of fine arts University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad
  • Department of Journalism, Osmania University ,Hyderabad
  • State Institute of Educational technology.
  • Veteran journalists of leading news papers-Telugu and English Dailies
  • Bhavan's Institute of Communication and Management , Bashirbagh, Hyderabad
  • Reputed NGO's
  • Dept of Women and Child welfare, Hyderabad.

Technology Assessment

Technologies such as Eco-friendly dyeing methods and making eco-friendly gulals, fibre extraction methods etc. are assessed in the field for their economic viability.

Transfer of viable technologies

Technologies such as Low-cost drudgery reduction, Energy conservation, Low-cost renewable energy devices, Food Adulteration testing, Improvement of Sanitation for Quality living, Consumer Education Package, Dyeing and printing methods, Value added products, fibre crafts, Infant stimulation and intervention packages are successfully transferred to the rural population.

Training Programme (Rural and Urban)

Fabrication and use of developed technologies, Optimum utilization of Available resources, Consumer education and redressal, Garment making, fabric Enrichment, dyeing and printing, handicraft making, eco-holi powders, Parent education on better child care practices, appropriate parenting styles, Participatory approaches in the Development programmes, Trainers training in Community participation, Communication techniques, Extension methods and preparation of Audio-visual aids etc. are few among the vast number of training programmes conducted for the village women, adolesestment school drop outs.

Interactive Sessions

These will be conducted on various issues related to the use and management of resources, girl child education, social evils, selection and care of fabrics, value addition to agro and animal waste etc. to rural folk especially women, school children, Mahila Mandel members Etc. during the celebrations of World Food Day, World Nutrition week World Diabetic day, Breast feeding week, Iodine day, International women's day, World consumer day, Kisan melas, Rythu Utsav, Agriculture fairs and Agriculture meals etc.

Participation in State and university level activities

The faculty participate in Kisan melas, utsar Agri fair, Exhibitions, Zonal Research Extension Advisory Council, World Food day celebrations, Nutrition week, International Women's day, Women in Agriculture day.

Other Activities

Faculty also participates through Radio Talks & Interviews in AIR and Programmes in Television, Popular Articles in leading News papers and Journals, Developing audio-visual material such as translides, posters, folders, book-lets, multi-media packages, developing video cassettes for implementation of extension activities.


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